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Thank you

As the year draws to a close, I want to thank you for your attention and support, invite you to reflect, and thank your 2021 self, for everything they've done for you.


Say thanks for the lessons you learned, especially the ones you had to learn the hard way, because you learned so much from them. Say thank you for all the times you could have easily given up, but you dug your heels in and kept on going anyway. Say thank you for all the mistakes made, because it meant you kept on trying.

You (like me) might not have done everything perfectly, you might have even done a few things wildly imperfectly, but you did your best with what you had. As well as saying thanks, how about forgiving your 2021 self for mistakes and failures, and love yourself now; it is because of all of these experiences, you're so wonderfully you now.


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