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You are like a mountain

Sometimes in learning meditation, the instruction is be like a mountain. Sit with a sense of strength and dignity. Be steadfast, be natural and at ease with awareness. No matter how many winds are blowing, no matter how many clouds are swirling, no matter how many lions are prowling, be intimate with everything and be like a mountain.


This is an image of equanimity. Being like a mountain could be a 20 minute seated meditation session… or it could be a pause in between domestic tasks, that brief moment when your inbox is empty or moment or two sitting outside, feeling the elements.

Don’t put barriers in the way of meditation. Too many people don’t realise they already have a practice, because they’re consumed with the false belief that meditation needs to be formal or best achieved by sitting on the floor for hours.

Don’t put meditation on a pedestal. That’s the last thing it would want. Meditation by its nature is present moment awareness. So instead of deferring starting a practice, go looking for examples of your skilful present moment awareness in your daily life. This activity starts with your next breath.

Being like a mountain is to feel everything, without exception and begin relate to it through our own strength of awareness, not through habitual reactions. There are plenty of free meditations right here, or available wherever you listen to podcasts. Just search Yoga Pose Podcast.


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