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Prema: Morality of the Yoga Business

Love or Prema, Raga, Anurakti, Priti, Bhava Sneha, Madana, Kama, Sambhoga.

So many words for love!! It tells you a lot about the industry we’re in and it’s lineage right? Prema is from the verbal root ‘pri’ which means ‘to please, gladden, delight in.’


You love Yoga, you wouldn’t have trained if you didn't. It can be hard to feel the love, when class numbers fluctuate and the industry feels competitive. Here are some ways you can continue to feel all loved up:

  • Recognise that social media likes (although often represented by a heart icon) are not love. You're not loved based on how many you get.

  • Love what you do and what you teach. You’ll be in love when you’re authentic and when you live in alignment with Ahimsa, Asteya, Brahmacharya, Karuṇā and Satya.

  • Send loving thoughts. There will be setbacks, slip ups, posts that annoy you and money lost because you didn't sell all the spaces... Learn to fall in love with the highs and the lows. Here’s a podcast where I talk about my love of failure!


When Buddha began his teaching career he did so out of empathy for the world, for the welfare and happiness of others. -It’s a bit grandiose isn’t it? But that’s what you must think each time you go to teach. Teach from a place of love and you’ll be loved for it.

As a Yoga teacher I emplore yout continue to find delight in the practice and aspects of your life!

There have been some teachers I mentor that momentarily fall out of love with Yoga or feel isolated from friends and family, miss social events because of work commitments.


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Thank you, Rosie Pose x

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