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Get A Life

A great piece of guidance I’ve been given was to get a life. I’m pretty sure that due to its delivery the words were in fact an insult, but I took it as advice! Advice not to be so passionate about your work that you forget to go out and do things.


In the first 2 years of my Yoga business I was in fight or flight mode, fresh out of a career and working through PTSD motivated me to work very hard to ensure I never had to return to that industry. I took all the work offers as they started to flood in, often rearranging plans with friends to cover a class and working most weekends.

It was a great time to be teaching, I was excited and seizing all of these opportunities, for the first time in my professional life I was in control of my working hours and clearly wanted to give most of my time over to work!

I've been teaching full time for over three years and I’m happy to say I’m the proud owner of A Life! And a pretty good one it is too. In my free time I do lots of things that are entirely unrelated to Yoga or Meditation. I practice various movement and training disciplines and I’ve got back into ballet recently. I watch movies, I’m being more creative; knitting and art projects (I can’t draw but I’ve been going to a screen printing course). I’ve been to a few great Funzing talks, watched a friend perform Burlesque and even stayed up late a couple of times at comedy clubs.

All of this has made my life richer, and means I have wonderful answers to ‘how are you’ (I hate the standard reply ‘yeah good thanks, you?’ - Listen to Ep 64 of Yoga Pose Podcast).

The teachers I admire are real people -by which I mean they study, they share what they believe in, but they’re also people who have varied interests which makes me want to hang out with them.


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Photo by Jonathan Jones.

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