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Awakening Creativity

How do creative people do it? They appear to have an unending reservoir of creativity and discover solutions to complex problems.


Creativity is something we need for wholehearted living. It isn’t just for the ‘creative types.’ Excel users require creativity in how they express the data they’ve collated, how else to you convey its meaning? Managers need to innovate and inspire staff. All businesses and the self employed will use social media, creative content is key. And for people seeking new work opportunities; well they need to tune into their talents and present them to prospective employers.

So we can agree creativity is an essential component to a fulfilling life, but how do we maintain our levels of creativity when systems and processes almost seem designed to drain us.

I have an answer for this; rest and relaxation. The purpose of this article is to inspire you to attend my Yoga and Meditation retreat Friday 6th- Sunday 8th September in East Sussex.

Retreat means an act of moving back or withdrawing. I take mini retreats all the time to boost my creativity! Have you noticed how you sometimes get your flashes of inspiration in the shower, or when you’re watching that episode of the Peep Show again (or is that just me?)

But seriously, you have to withdraw from the problem you're trying to solve, the people who drain you or the situation that makes you feel a bit stuck, in order to reconnect with your creativity and ingenuity.

“Newton’s revelations about gravity occurred when he was relaxing under an apple tree. Van Gogh said ‘pictures come to me in a dream.’ Mozart once composed an entirely new piece while dozing in the back of a carriage. Einstein increased his perception of relativity while visualising himself walking along a sunbeam.”

...And I’m sure the same successes can be enjoyed by women but Satyananda Saraswati omitted them from his account in his book Yoga Nidra. Perhaps he was tired when writing, and forgot the 'second sex.'

My point is, all of these people allowed themselves to relax deeply enough for the images and forms of their unconscious mind to manifest as solutions to their particular problems or quest.

I hope you accept the invitation to retreat with me in September.


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