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I love dandelions, as one of the first flowers to reveal itself in the Spring, and it’s a good idea to make peace with the weeds, since they’re about to be everywhere!!

-The definition of a weed by the way is a plant that grows in the wrong place... I can relate; I've felt like a weed having grown and set roots in the wrong place, and those moments have lead me to this point!


Dandelion’s are great gurus (anything I like, I call a guru!) They are brilliant at propagating themselves; they have tiny seeds attached to a natural kite, just waiting for the breeze to carry them away. Nothing shy or apologetic about their presence, I can learn a lot when it comes to marketing and spreading myself far and wide.

There’s also no taming a dandelion! It spreads and scatters everywhere imaginable! That’s what I seek to emulate. I want my blogs, podcasts and examples of living a ‘yogi life’ to act like seeds which get blown and carried far and wide.

It’s important for me to reflect on what I scatter though… Love, hope, encouragement, bitterness and anger…each of us scatter different things as we go throughout our day. What we produce has far-reaching effects, sometimes spreading beyond our own home and blowing into the lives of others. Love will shine a light that pierces the darkest night. Likewise, fear and bitterness can choke out the most fertile soil, making it uninhabitable. The dandelion's release of its seeds later in its life cycle is representative of spiritual growth and the passing on of our seeds of knowledge.

Until that time arrives, the plant reminds us to be mindful of the thoughts that fill our heads and how we communicate (scatter) those thoughts with the people we interact with on a daily basis. The aim is to have clarity of mind in order to have purity of soul.


The white fluff of a dandelion yields an effect far greater than most would deem possible from a single flower. The same is true for each human life.

So….what are you scattering?


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