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The key to resilience is our capacity to be agile and flexible in how we adapt to challenges and change. Just like us, our ancestors had to cope with a world that was constantly changing. Change is natural, and it’s neutral. It’s how we respond to change, that makes it something that promotes growth or depletes us.


We often lose fluidity and become stuck in our ways when we grow older, but our inbuilt agility can still be released in a crisis, flux or uncertainty.

An inflexible mind leads to anxiety and depression. Decades of research into neuroscience and psychology shows an agile mind dramatically improves your chances of success and happiness. And the flipside is also true; an inflexible mind fuels anxiety and stress and stickiness.

Since yoga is about body mind connection, how we animate our body, the agility, fluidity and grace we practice in movement, will be available in the physical and psychological challenges waiting for us in the real world. I cannot emphasise enough just how deep the practice of yoga is, and encourage you to really welcome it in.

More on this theme of agility as the month goes on. See you in class 7.30-8.45pm tonight @ Hove Methodist Church or live via zoom. Click here for details. Click here for details of my upcoming yoga teacher training.


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