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Be like flowers

As we move into the autumn, we're going to connect to the changing seasons by inviting the power and wisdom of plants into our practice.

In classes this month, I'll be showing you the many ways we are like flowers, and maybe flowers are here to teach us how to be human.


Flowers and plants teach us to unashamedly embrace our true nature. How to realise that we’re not meant to look or sound or act the same. That diversity isn’t just important, but necessary.

Through movement and meditation you're going to keep remembering there’s a sacred timing for things, that there’s enough room for everyone, and that it’s impossible to bloom all year round. Maybe flowers are here to teach us how to be human. To stand tall like the poppy and strong like the thistle. To be resilient like heather, and reach our roots deep like the fig. To defy the norm like the hawthorn. To courageously open through our fears wholeheartedly like the peony. To trust the changing seasons of our life, like the hydrangea. To take a leap and go first like the daffodil, to know it’s never too late like the winter rose…


Our class returns next week, click here for the details.

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Jeffrey Field
Jeffrey Field
21 set 2022

A short poem you may like. Your philosophy inspires me.

Mi piace
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