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Have fun and flourish

Having fun helps us tap into a shared sense of humanity, a form of connection that is essential for our wellbeing and ability to flourish.


Flourishing is a term which refers to a state of optimal human functioning in which we feel engaged, open purposeful, self-accepting, resilient, robust, motivated and satisfied.

Being together is fun, spending time with others elevates our mood. When you consider how movement releases a cascade of feel good hormones, and each week we move together, you can really see why this is a hugely valuable activity.

In cultures like ours in the West where we seek happiness individually (just one more pair of trainers), we actually become lonelier. By contrast, in our Do Your OM Thing community, where we pursue happiness through caring, acceptance, connecting and contributing, we increase our wellbeing. The lonely, disconnected or just unfulfilling events in our week (because we all have them) become a smaller part of our experience and somewhat neutralised by the fun culture we’re a part of.

Fun is an improvisational state, with no predetermined outcome. When we're having fun, we're entirely in the moment, responding to whatever comes our way. Our usual judgemental tendencies (whether they're directed towards yourself or others, are temporarily silenced and replaced by a spirit of openness and playfulness.

Signs you're having fun in yoga;

  • Laughter

  • A sense of release... freedom... letting go

  • Loosing track of time

  • Feeling free from self judgement and self consciousness

  • A positive boost to your energy.

See you in class tonight.


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