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Heavy or Light?

Emotions leave charges in our muscles and our nervous system as we tense our body in response to mental and emotional stress. Over time, these emotional charges add up, and when they do, the mind and body feel heavy, tired, burdened.


Repeated stress not only accumulates in our muscles, it also builds up in the nervous system. Stress stimulates the sympathetic nervous system; the fight or flight response.

The fight or flight activity increases when we’re under stress and decreases when we feel calm, it’s not designed to be in a heightened state for long periods of time… but so often it is, because we lack the map, the route to get into parasympathetic, the rest and digest.

Sometimes people push their pain and negative emotions deep inside the body, as if they're stuffing old clothes into a box and closing the lid. However, whilst we’ve all experienced the temporary sense of calm this can bring, the more we contain our negative emotions in this way. The less likely they are to remain hidden from view. Eventually, when our buttons are pressed, they’ll explode out of us.

Tension, stress and overwhelm weighs you down, feels heavy in muscles, organs and bones, making it harder to move... the very thing that will discharge emotional tension and return feelings of lightness and buoyancy.


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