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Last Thought, Best Thought

When we learn how to gently and kindly lead the mind, we’ll find it easier to move on from a bad mood, disappointment, or drop sweetly into sleep.


Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche (when you see the name Chögyam, you know you're getting a Tibetan Master) talked about first thought, best thought and that refers to the freshness of each moment, before the second thought. That’s the one which (for an untrained mind) tends to colour the present moment.

When we want to sleep, how about last thought, best thought. The last thought we have in the mind before we transition to the land of nod, has a big impact on how we sleep. -That’s why we’re told to never go to bed on an argument… we’re being encouraged to go to sleep with a clean state of mind.

I hope you have practices that help calm the mind, if not… here’s a lovely Lake Meditation. These meditations are yours to embellish and customise. So... if I were meditating to this, I would drop a thought of loving kindness into the beautiful waters of my mind, and watch it make ripples. One thought... spreads through the whole body of water. Enjoy!

My weekly open level yoga and mediation class, is available in person or via zoom. More details here.


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