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Propping a state in which you hold yourself up with excess force against gravity. Propped postures show muscle and joint tension through locked knees, held breath, tight glutes or lifted shoulders.


Bracing yourself in physical postures (in and outside of yoga) may represent or be a response to self-reliance, with the underlying belief that no support exists, that you have to stay strong at all costs. Propping is a strategy of protection. It’s the posture adapted from being in a state of fight or flight.

This is a rajastic state. Excess rajas is overactivity, anxiety or too much movement… chronic movement in the body. If you think you might prop your body; the first thing is to be content that you’re aware. Lack of awareness blinds us to other possibilities and change. Then, the salve is to relax, ease, release and extend your exhalation.

This month we’re learning to live and practice with the ability to yield because when we do; movements and internal commentary are more open, lighter and more enjoyable.

To pay attention to the here and now, we need intention, not force.

You can drop in to class tonight 7.30- 8.45pm @ Hove Methodist Church or live via zoom. Click here for details.


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