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Relax and enjoy

We live in challenging times and perhaps more than ever before, we need tools that can help us to manage the dramatic changes that are happening. We live in a society that encourages us to do all the time. This has trickled into the yoga world. Some people teach in a way that makes yet more demands on doing and competing rather than relaxing and enjoying.


One of the main reasons I have loved practicing yoga for so many years is because the way to master it; is to relax and enjoy. Which was challenging when I was newer to practice, because I so badly wanted to excel. When yoga becomes a daily practice of awareness and living in the moment, life; whilst unpredictable, marvellous, worrisome, precious and annoying at times, is no less enjoyable.

The success of yoga should never be measured by how flexible you are, but rather how much it opens your heart.

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