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Support and surrender

This month we’re leaning into support and learning when to surrender. When we’re on shaky ground in a yoga asana or personally or feeling the global uncertainty… it can be really helpful to connect to what is true right now. It’s true that some part of my body is on the earth, and gravity is available to keep me connected. From this stable foundation, I can open up to a bit more support.


Support isn’t a failure, or an admission of defeat and it's so sad that we might think it is.

Support could look like using a prop in yoga, resting a part of your body on the earth so you can focus and strengthen other parts. Outside of yoga, it could be reaching out to a friend, researching or reading things that feel comforting.

Choosing support is a test of strength, and when we accept it, we develop strength. At times in class I’ll encourage you to allow some dominant muscles to relax so you create opportunity for the ones that are shy to develop. If you're open to it, I'll encourage you to consider your thoughts or patterns of thinking, let some ideas drop away, so you can let the peaceful ones rise to the surface.

We're in for a great month together; you’ll be challenged this month to do more than you thought possible at times, and challenged even more when you’re invited to surrender and ease up on holding it all together.

We practise in person @ Hove Methodist Church, or live via zoom every Wednesday 7.30-8.45pm. Click here for more details.


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