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True fun

This month in class, we'll focus on fun. It's obviously always been there... that's probably one of the reasons why you attend classes with me, or read these blogs. They're enjoyable... they're meant to be. Life is good, pleasurable and incredibly fun.


We're programmed to look for stressors, to pay attention to threats and dangers for our survival. A global pandemic, war, famines and changes to the climate are just some of the huge threats we’ve been exposed to recently. Survival threats such as these shrink the hippocampus and wire you to feel more stress, and at the same time, make you less capable of feeling pleasure and relaxation.

It’s the perfect storm; We’re very hard wired to see the stressors, and there have (and continue to be) major reasons to fear for the survival of yourself and all living beings. Is it any wonder you feel moody? You’re not alone. Anxiety prescriptions and anti-depressants have increased 30%. We’re the unhappiest we've been in 50 years.

When it comes to making true fun a priority, we’ve been conditioned to believe the pursuit of fun, particularly our own, is frivolous, selfish, self-indulgent even immature. We might believe that if we’re focused on fun, we’re not paying enough attention to the world’s problems or doing enough to help people.

When you’re having fun, you feel liberated from your responsibilities, when it’s over, you’ll feel energised, nourished, refreshed.

Misery, stress, fear are self perpetuating, like I said, the hippocampus shrinks. This month we’ll have even more fun than usual, and I’ll be sharing methods to entrain your brain so you feel like having true fun more often. By June you’re going to feel great, and be a beacon for others. Click here for the class details.


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