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What you practice grows stronger

Need I say more?


Unintentionally practicing obsessive worry, blame, your own person poison, (because that’s the dominant energy around you), creates pathways in your body and mind, which become deeply familiar.

However, because being human is a miracle, despite those conditions... eventually the moment of awareness breaks through, where you realise you’re imprisoned in a small, tight and endangered sense of self.

When you practice thoughts of gratitude, curiosity and care, your goodness shines through.

You have complete choice in what you practise. I’m on the journey too, and sometimes I’m separated from this truth, because I’m tired, or feeling inexplicably flat. In those moments, my feelings are reflected by the world.

It’s both obvious and worth stating, that when we’re unhappy or depressed colours are genuinely perceived as less vibrant. I’m not endlessly positive, I’m not a constant ray of sunshine. I welcome the à la carte menu of emotions I’m capable of feeling and choose to practice yoga and meditation as a form of portion control on those that make me spiral, feel stuck or lonely.

For a healthy helping of the good stuff, join us tonight and every Wednesday 7.30-.8.45pm.


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