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Yoga: It's fun

I started practising yoga as a child. Crawling around the living room, or watching TV upside down on the sofa (Sarvāngāsana), are activities I still enjoy today... Even though they’re not a classical style of yoga, but where’s the fun in sticking to convention, or worrying what people think?


Yoga is the very epitome of fun, it’s moving in ways that are novel, feel good, inspire some challenge. What we practise on the mat builds confidence, and confident people definitely have more fun. They’re not anxious or stressed about the small stuff. Not consumed by self-doubt or malaise.

True fun is being fully present and engaged, free from self-criticism and judgement. It’s the thrill of losing ourselves in what we’re doing and not caring about the outcome. It’s laughter, playful rebellion. It’s the bliss that comes from letting go. When we’re truly having fun, we’re not lonely.

I try to teach people to resist controlling the outcome. Control rather takes the fun out of movement. A thought we can take into all areas of life, because yoga is deep like that... We think we’re having a stretch (and we are) but then we realise how profound movement is. See you in class tonight.


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