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Satya: Morality of The Yoga Business

I hope you're enjoying this introduction to applying the Yamas to business. Click here to see previous articles in this special series.

Satya is truthfulness; There is no greater virtue than truth. Attuning yourself to your inner truth and communicating that in a non-harmful manner will be a challenge!


How to be more truthful in your Yoga Business;

  • What is the motivation behind the sequence you're designing? Are you immitating what you've seen, showing off what you can do or being of service? I'm not saying you shouldn't show off, if you've found a Yoga community who like that, then it is an act of service... Get to know your students and learn what they need.

  • If you’re looking at an empty class you might create a Facebook post to say ‘can’t wait to see you all in class tonight, there’s one space left if you’d like to join us!’ -You don’t have to post an appeal for people (which would be honest) better to stay silent. Or find a way to be honest ‘hoping a few more people join class tonight. It’s all about shoulders.’

  • How honest are the studios you work for? Do they have integrity? I left a studio because they pressurised teachers to work when they were sick and paid teachers different rates (I was on the higher rate). I was so uncomfortable with the dishonesty of the organisation I couldn't work there.

  • Identify people you can be honest with. You can talk about the challenges of teaching Yoga, marketing etc. You’re not expected to be a happy carefree Yogi wafting from one sold out class to another. That's why the support of a mentor is invaluable.


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