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Oxygen Mask

When I took a flight over to Berlin recently, I actually listened to the safety instructions. I normally have my nose in a book, but this time I paid attention and thought about why we should put our own oxygen masks on before helping others.

Initially it sounds counter intuitive... In an emergency I’m meant to make sure I’m ok first?! But thinking about it for a moment and it makes perfect sense; I’m not going to be able to help someone if I can’t breathe.


You don’t need to read an article reminding you how stressful life is, the demands you have on your time, both self imposed and from others, but what you do need is to take a breath; and (metaphorically) put your oxygen mask on first.

Take the time you’d normally use to read my blogs to stare off blankly, or close your eyes and take a few breaths.


It's not easy making a bit of time for yourself huh... That's why guidance is invaluable.

Fortunately I can offer you a weekend of breathing space when you join me on my next retreat Friday 6th – Sunday 8th September.

It’s an open level retreat, suitable for everyone who enjoys Yoga, Meditation, delicious food and afternoon naps or strolls in the countryside.


Berlin is fantastisch by the way, great Yoga scene, vegan food and meditation centre.

I hear there's great nightlife too...


If you're thinking of training to become a Yoga Teacher, my 200 hours Teacher Training Course is now open for enrolment! More details here.

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