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Locked Down: Root Chakra

I'm excited to start of the first in this special blog series about how our time in lockdown is a great illustrator of the chakras or energy centres within the body.

The root chakra is associated with survival instinct, security and self protection. It's connected to our sense of belonging and family.

Echos of root chakra are found in language when we complain of feeling uprooted or needing time to let the dust settle.


Lockdown demanded that we make decisions about who to isolate with, some people returned to their childhood home, others had to adjust to separation from their loved ones.

Lockdown has illuminated family dynamics, with some being brought closer, others further apart (emotionally, not just physically) and all of this impacts our foundations (ooh there's another root chakra shout out).

When we were getting locked down root chakra was out of balance. You could feel that. The hoarding of food and literally responding to the root when people bought up all the toilet roll and heavy foods, like pasta.

To survive and thrive we've always had to form communities and work together. We're energetically drawn to each other, which is why isolation felt so unnatural. Never before have we faced a situation where survival necessitated separation. It's counter to our biology and evolution.

If you'd like more evidence that root chakra exists and we were making decisions from this unbalanced energetic centre; recall how many people took to walking and running. Sure; it was the only activity we were allowed to do outside, but it was also about feeling the feet on the earth. Gardening and tending to plants in or outside the home also felt very important and... settling. A grounding activity; getting our hands in the earth... and it's out of the darkness and mud that plants grow.

Root chakra loves to hear I am safe, I am grounded. How do those words feel? Do you believe them when you say or write them down?

Today has been about getting down to the roots, our primary needs. Next time we move up to the Sacral Chakra.


Root chakra at a glance

  • Associated with the colour red. How do you feel about that colour? Can be fun to experiment with colours and notice what colours you feel drawn to wearing.

  • Element: Earth.

  • Sanskrit: Muladhara.

  • Location of the testicles and ovaries.

  • When it's out of balance we feel fearful, preoccupied with survival.

  • When it's in balance we feel secure and begin to make decisions about thrival, not just survival.

  • To connect with your root is to feel at home, get low to the ground, practice floor based postures. Click here for inspiration.

  • Mantra: I am safe, I am grounded.

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