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Speak Up: Throat Chakra

Throat chakra is all about expression.

Physically it's about being heard and speaking up. We've seen people being really vocal throughout Lockdown, and especially during the protests. And we also witnessed an absence of expression, people going quiet.


The throat is a powerful centre; emotions and thoughts can get caught in our throat, we get choked up or they spew out. The throat has a close relationship with the heart. These two centres are about wisdom and compassion. In connecting to my heart centre I can communicate from a loving place. We've all been on the receiving end of some painful words, spoken by someone who had a heart by pass.

Video calls has been interesting for the throat chakra because we can be mute. A clear signal to everyone in the group that our voice will not be heard, a silent witness to the conversation. And 'unmuting' feels like a big deal, an electronic throat clearing before speaking. We're losing the natural flow out of communicating.

What are your experiences of your throat chakra? Were you told to be seen and not heard? Are you playful in your voice? Do you sing, chant or hum? Did your throat tense just thinking about singing?! Do you neglect your heart and delight in gossiping, turning the pure nectar of the throat centre into a poison?

Ultimately the throat chakra is about speaking your truth. As Lockdown restrictions eased, we had to voice our boundaries based on safety and what felt right to us (shout out to the first four chakras).

All cultures and religions recognise the power of the throat centre, and how its activated through sound. There is no greater resonator of sound than the human body. Sound has an effect on each atom of the body, for each atom resounds.


Throat Chakra at a Glance

  • Associated with the colour blue. Do you ever wear that colour, or do you have it in your home?

  • Element of sound.

  • Located within the thyroid.

  • Sanskrit: Vishuddha.

  • Journaling can be a nice practice to reconnect to this centre.

  • When it's in need of nourishment we're holding back from speaking and living our truth. You might notice physical manifestation of that with a tight jaw or dry throat.

  • When this centre is balanced, we're creative, articulate and able to listen.

  • Connect to this centre with Yoga and meditation classes. Here's one to get you started.

  • Mantra: I speak my truth.

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