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2021: Your Evolution of Yoga

The first part of the yoga journey is like being young again; we learn through imitating those around us. We strive to execute a pose in exactly the same way it was shown to us.


When I see students looking around to others, I hope they’re drawn to those with really smooth transitions, who move to the beat of their own drum. Learning through observation is really helpful, but it inevitably brings up comparison and self doubt; am I doing it right? I don’t look like that… Those thoughts can stay with us until our practice evolves and becomes an expression of our Self.

While images and descriptions are really helpful in the early part of our practice, they can only take us so far, because they suggest there’s an end point, an aim. Which is a myth of modern postural yoga. The practice and the postures are never 'finished.' But they change as we strengthen, age and occupy the whole body.

My practice and teaching style has evolved immeasurably. In my early years I emphasised alignment, because I thought that was how to prevent injuries. As if movements were dangerous, and my job was to warn people! I felt it was my duty to avoid causing harm, not appreciating that movement is medicine and my role is to teach students to self regulate and unlock their healing potential.

Here's to a wonderful year of evolving your practice! There's no mindless imitation, expect your practice to feel different in Jan, compared to how if felt in the summer, or how it will feel a month from now.

The 10 week yoga and mediation course starts soon and there are three different ways to practice. Click here for details.

If you want to take things a stage further, my yoga teacher training course starts in February. Instead of feeling restricted and locked down, your mind and opportunities will be blown open.

I was part of Rosie's 2020 Teacher Training course, it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Her knowledge is unprecedented and she goes above and beyond to encourage growth on and off the mat. Rosie is a thoughtful and inclusive teacher, her course is a wonderful tool for self development and of course becoming a Yoga Teacher if that's what you want to.


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