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A green Christmas

The songs are all about a white Christmas, but I'm planning on another a green one and I reckon after this, you will be too.


It's no coincidence that the darkest time of year in the northern hemisphere, every culture has a festival that centres around the heart. We spend more time with loved ones, reminisce, surprise and delight each other and miss the ones who aren't with us. We tend to feel most tired and burned out this time of year, finger poised on the out of office. It's tempting to hibernate, try to recover energy, or save what little you have left for a select few.

The answer to the most cold and bleak time of year is to be together. Use your year of yoga and studying yourself to find the balance between the call to rest, and the invitations to be social. Make heartfelt choices, try not to attend events out of a sense of obligation, attend the events that makes your heart warm and expansive.

In the subtle body, the heart chakra is represented by a green 12 petal lotus, a symbol of the sentiments of the heart; joy, lightness, tenderness, grief, sorrow, hope, loss, elation, love, unity, compassion and empathy. These feelings are a gift, that might feel harder to receive than a book voucher. Christmas churns it all up doesn't it?

It's the most wonderful time of the year... and hearts will be glowing... when loved ones are near...

The symbology just keeps going with this, we fill our homes with green foliage, wreaths and trees. If you're not taking a 'formal' practice this time of year, why not have one of my mini ones; Every time I notice the greenery I take a mindful breath to my heart centre. Interestingly enough our eyes can see more shades of green than any other colour. How many can you spot in a day? There are thousands of gradients, just like there are thousands of ways in which we can love.

When we approach the festive season with this level of love, I can finally sing; I wish it could be Christmas every day.

Festive love and light to you.


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