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Breathing Space

You don't need to spend a penny on yoga and meditation.

“Habitual chest breathing not only reflects physical and mental problems, it creates them. It mildly, but chronically over stimulates the sympathetic nervous system (SNS), keeping the heart rate and blood pressure too high, precipitating difficulties with digestion and elimination, and causing cold, clammy hands and feet.”-David Coulter,The Anatomy of Hatha Yoga

More than that; the SNS is catabolic which means it tears the body down and uses the body's energy to keep it in an agitated state. The more time spent in states of anxiety, the weaker the body becomes. The key to healing is to spend more time in the parasympathetic realms of rest and relaxation.

It's completely free to create breathing space in your life to feel quiet and calm. The space can't be timed, tracked or accessed on an app. It needs to be witnessed and experienced offline. Only then can you can feel your breath swirl around your body effortlessly. Enjoy. Daily.


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