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Collapsing is a state in which you sink into the earth without the ability to respond by lifting. Collapsing is what you might do, instead of relaxing and, yielding.


You’ll know you’re collapsing in practice and in life when you feel like you’re sitting or resting on your bones, ligaments and joints rather than maintaining structural integrity. Collapsing can compress the joints and overstretch the ligaments. In a state of collapse; breath may be shallow and energy is often depressed. Sanskrit word for having a body and mind that feel heavy and lacking energy is tamas.

What I’m planning on teaching you in class tonight is how to relax (not collapse) because when you do; the mind produces alpha waves which are free flowing, smooth and even. Pranayamā or breath awareness is the foundation of your yoga practice. We prioritise that over asanā. Pranayamā facilitates you entering into the alpha state. Feelings of anxiety and depression decrease when your brain has alpha waves. You’ll increase your cognitive and physical performance. Far from collapsing or feeling overly revved up, you’ll reach the much sought after sattva; the quality of purity and peacefulness. Oh and did I mention the more you access the alpha state in yoga, the more you can find it in your own time?

See you in class tonight. Click here for details.


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