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Yielding is the quality we’re looking to embody in class this month. Yielding is relationship to earth, the ability to surrender to the support of the ground.


Yielding is softening under pressure. It’s being pliable. When I’ve made jewellery, I’ve heated metals for long enough for them to melt, to yield to a new shape. Rock hard becomes soft and malleable, ready to forever set in a different form. For us, our pressure isn’t as simple as heat or flame.

We have numerous sources of pressure and stress points. We also feel pressure from within. Self-imposed. A yielding person can change the way they normally behave or deal with situations when it is helpful.

In asanā this month you’re going to begin to yield, to let go. In yoga we have a nice word for this sattva; which describes balance and a relationship to gravity that expresses the trust, connection and strength that comes with a state of ease.

See you in class tonight 7.30-8.45pm @ Hove Methodist Church, or live via zoom. Click here for details.


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