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Each month is a new theme and this is no exception. The idea of a theme is to give us focus, which is inspiring and motivating. As well as to share my decades of practice. I think yoga is like starting a new friendship, there’s initial energetic appeal, but what strengthens a relationship is going deep.


This month our theme is expansion. This is about opening up and out from a compressed and weakened centre. One of the many reasons I love yoga is because it’s an alchemical process. I arrive on my mat feeling excited, hopeful, curious, tension, tired, agitated, 50 shades of different feelings… and those feelings shift and change. The stiffness gets turned into ease, the irritation smoothed by humour, social connection and lightness.

Carrying a closed and compressed body around is exhausting and inefficient. For February we’re going big. You’re going to feel so confident and secure in the placement of your body in relation to the earth, that you can really expand out and up!

We practice Wednesdays 7.30-8.45pm @ Hove Methodist Church, or live via zoom. Click here for details.


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