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Eye opening

This month our focus is on… focus. The eyes, vision, sight and dṛṣṭi. The eyes are a gateway to the brain so this is going to be eye opening stuff.


We’ll learn about the anatomical eyes; the muscles and how the way we move them programmes the brain. We’ll deepen our understanding of the quality mind, we’ll be able to positively influence it. And possibly see how modern habits are structured to negatively affect mood, concentration and connection.

The way we see, shapes our view of the world. Seeing is a learned experience, developing and changing throughout our lifetime. As with all modes of perception, our vision is affected by our intention, which is influenced by personal goals and previous learning.

It’s my heartfelt intention that this month of classes will be really insightful. You’ll also learn about the subtle eyes, the third and perhaps the fourth. But more on that next time. See you in class tonight.

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