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The theme for this month’s class is lightness. We’re going to play with the feelings of heaviness and lightness in the body.

Get ready to move energy around your body and if you’re open to it, move the energy around your body, your energy field.


You experience this energy stuff often, perhaps you just don’t always register it. Feelings don't just happen in the mind, they're felt and imprinted in the body. We talk about the air being thick with tension. Boredom is heavy (that meeting was heavy going), shame sits heavy on the heart, a difficult conversation is described as heavy. I’m sure you’ve had a good amount of weighty situations recently.

This month is long overdue. It’s about putting down the things you’re not meant to carry. Doubts, pains and old wounds are meant to be temporary. You’re meant pick up that stuff for a while, to test your strength and develop resilience, but you’re meant to ultimately let go of everything that weighs you down.

In January we learned to feel hope in the body (it was there all along, we just shone a light on it), so you’re already trained in shifting your state of body and mind. 2022 is off to a great start as we’ve realised once and for all that hope has the power to bring the sun of tomorrow into today.

How heavy a body that has been traversed by death is, life is light, there's no need to let anyone make it heavy for us.

-Elena Farrante


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