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May: Yin and Yang

Energy is a currency. Like any savvy saver, you can’t spend more than you have, because if you get into energy arrears, you tip into survival, the body will cleverly ‘just’ carry out basic tasks.

Fortunately, people who practice yoga tend to have a few lifestyle habits that support balance energy in the body, we might even end up in credit!


The focus for our sessions in May, will be the thyroid and the neck. The thyroid is a pretty butterfly shaped gland that wraps around the throat. It secretes hormones that help regulate various processes in the body, like heart rate and blood pressure. So you know… rather helpful to have this function optimally!

It’s interesting to note that cases of thyroid disorders are increasing. Perhaps we’re getting better at reporting and diagnosing these things, perhaps it’s the frenetic pace of life has become toxic and no longer support our wellbeing.

We’re focusing on the neck and thyroid this month because as more things open up, you’re confronted with a shift in your lifestyle of the last 12-14 months of pandemic life. It might be that lockdown and time spent away from people and activities has afforded you more time. When you’re not rushing from work, to social events and other commitments you have space to reflect and review. It’s an exciting time, rather than jumping into the overworking, over committing of 2019, you can create a sustainable lifestyle.

Traditional Chinese Medicine considers issues with the thyroid as an imbalance with yin and yang. As more ‘non essential’ things open up, and people emerge from their bubble, I feel like there’s a potential for yang to take over.

I’m leading the way in balancing my own energies; the only group class I’m teaching this month is Wednesday evening 7.30-8.45pm via zoom. It’s easy to have a yoga routine when there’s very little else to do, but what will you do now you have other options?

The sessions are open level and set you up for a very peaceful nights sleep. It's £40 for the month, and each session is recorded, you get lifetime access to the sessions to practice again and again on your OM.


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