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Mechanic or gardener?

A gardener tends to their plants often, a mechanic fixes a problem. People who practice yoga and meditation often, are careful and committed gardeners to their body, live in alignment with the seasons and their approach fosters optimal health. This month has been all about reconnecting to nature. Taking wisdom from plants as well as seeing the symmetry between our body and the natural world.


We’re wired for connection; our nervous systems are social structures that find balance and stability in relationship to others. Isn’t it interesting how the nervous system looks similar to a tree and it has different branches. The cells that create our neural networks grow in the form of tree-like branching structures and were originally named dendrites after the Latin word for tree. At the very beginning of life, the brain is a tangled wilderness of more than 500 billion neurons, and in order to develop into a mature brain, 80% need to be cleared away to create connections.

Gardening requires actions of little and often. Frequent activity to avoid overgrowth and overwhelm... Observing small changes, signs of distress and making little adjustments... Creating a nourishing environment that’s not all darkness or light.

Gardening is the perfect metaphor for how to have a healthy body and mind.


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