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We are shaped by society and the company we keep.

Think of all the different shapes your body makes as you embody the different roles and responsibilities you have. Imagine how you hold yourself as you fit in or socialise with other people. Consider also how power structures shape us personally and collectively.


Your body makes sense of itself through its position and alignment. When I was 5, I was standing in a line with my school friends as the teacher identified the culprit for some minor rule break. When the teacher (who was very kind and lovely) explained to the boy that the behaviour wasn’t ok, I saw my classmate hang his head in shame. His eyes downcast and shoulders slumped. Luckily, we were kids, within a short space of time we’d have run around and let that incident go in the playground. My naughty little school friend was very good at maths, so in that class he would be the one almost leaping off his seat with his hand in the air to answer questions and when his homework was held up as the example to aspire to, his head was held high, his chest was up. He embodied pride and accomplishment. There was a confidence a strength in his body, because he was seen and appreciated.

As adults we may not make time to move things through the body so adeptly as children. We may get hit with more things that knock us off centre. Or feel trapped and fixed.

The body is a site of insight and possibility for change.
We are shaped by society and the company we keep. We can also shape back.

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