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Superfast Fiber Optic Yoga

Meridians are high speed information channels for the organs to communicate with external environment. Our obsession with the external, toning muscles and appearance misses the point of what a healthy body is. A healthy body is function over aesthetic. It’s things like your body’s ability to regulate the various hormonal cocktails it’s exposed to numerous times a day. Or perhaps your ability to sleep and wake up feeling refreshed or how you recover from emotional or physical pain.

Those things cannot be captured in a photograph. But muscle definition can. -Or rather filters and clever editing can make you believe that’s what you’re looking at. (When was the last time you saw that definition in real life by the way?). So, now we’re in agreement that it’s all about what’s going on inside, let's discuss what we're going to do about that.


Yoga is a lifelong practice. Something you ‘do’ long term, like wedding vows in sickness and in health. Movement and breath awareness nourish meridian lines (well a bunch of things actually, but let’s stick with one for now). Which in turn maintains optimal organ function. When you stretch and soothe you’re also improving the energy pathways that are meridian lines. Communications in the body improve.

Imagine this week you spend some time outside and the climate, the conditions are perfect for you. You feel happy and grateful, because things aren’t always easy, but in this moment, everything is as it should be. For people with a regular yoga practice, that feeling is transported around your body through the equivalent of fiber opticcables, rather than copper wires. Every inch of you responds to this ‘all is well in my world’ feeling. You have that feeling for longer, rather than a fleeting internal push notification, it’s a whole system take over. Delicious!!

Think about the impact a sustained 'good' feeling has on your organs, your endocrine system, your sleep performance that night. Your internal communication skills are pretty sweet as well as your external ones, you feel great inside and out.

You don’t need to practice yoga with me, although I wish you would because I'm great at my job. Each month I explain different meridians to support an organ. Knowledge is power.

But, as long as you’re regularly exploring mindful movement, breath and rest, I’m confident you’ll notice your own internal cabling becoming lightening speed.

Click here for my teaching schedule.


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