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Supported and uplifted

Gravity is everywhere. Although it has no colour or flavour or sound, gravity is the most pervasive force in the human habitat. And yet, we unwittingly resist it, and when we do; movements become inefficient and tiring.


Gravity is a powerful invisible force, and it’s not the only one. We’re in a culture where we resist what we can’t see or prove beyond all reasonable doubt. When we live like that, we miss some of the magic and miracles in life.

Over the past century we’ve come to believe that healing can only occur from drugs or surgery alone and as a consequence, most other approaches to healing are written off as pseudoscience. However, there’s a growing body of evidence that alternative therapies like yoga, guided imagery and meditation play a crucial role in wellbeing.

Whilst it’s affirming to see the evidence coming in, it’s perhaps more important to remind yourself how you feel when you practice. You know what you’re showing up with, what’s going on in your body, your mind and in your home. You can’t see what we’re doing for the muscles, tissues, nerves, neural pathways and nervous system… but you know things are changing.

As we continue practicing with awareness of the unseen gravity, I’m going to encourage you to be like Newton finding the evidence of other invisible energetic forces that support and uplift you.

You can drop into class tonight; 7.30-8.45pm @ Hove Methodist Church, or live via zoom. Click here for details.


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