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The Biology of Belief

What you think, so you become.

As a child your bedtime story may have included the various works by the philosopher Dr Seuss. In one book we learn of the dangers of mental rigidity when he writes about the Star Bellied Sneeches and the Plain Belly Sneeches. The Star Bellies believe they are superior and the Plain Bellies believe the narratives of the Star Bellies, and feel they are social outcasts. They’re sad and they mope around. So… I’m kind of on the side of the Star Bellies, I bet they’re far more fun than the Plain Bellies.

When/ if (they’re deep, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re still reading them) you moved on from reading Green Eggs and Ham, you might have gravitated towards the biologist Dr Bruce Lipton who proves that our cells are affected by our thoughts. We used to believe that our behaviours and health were largely pre determined by our biology, DNA and cells.

Dr Bruce Lipton’s work is a game changer though. The thoughts racing through our mind shape our physical and mental well being. Take a moment to reflect on that... We’ve been given the evidence that we’re in the driving seat of our health and our trillions of cells are listening to our every command.

What are the messages are your cells routinely exposed to?
The Buddha said ‘what you think, so you become’ and millennia after Siddhartha; science has caught up to this universal truth.

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