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True fun is good for your health

True fun does wonders for our emotional well being by empowering us to connect with other people, escape from self judgement and be fully present. Orientating our lives around true fun will boost your creativity and productivity. And that's important because you'll feel better and happier in all the roles and relationships you hold dear.


True fun is good for your health, it gets you up from the desk, out of your heads (oh not like that..!) and into the world. Having more fun lowers stress levels and over time will likely lower the risks for all the health problems that are triggered or exacerbated by stress, like heart attacks, stroke, type 2 diabetes and dementia.

The pursuit of fun helps us stay true to our authentic selves, with less time spent on mindless distraction and empty pursuits and more time devoted to people, experiences and activities that bring us a sense of meaning and joy.

Most self improvement projects require us to exercise willpower and self restraint in the hope of achieving a future goal. Prioritising true fun is… fun! See you in class tonight, oh and bring a book to practise this.

One more thing.. click here to read about the upcoming mindful movement and making workshop with artist Cass Whitfield.


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