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Watershed Moment

What a great month of classes we've had. I've flooded you with watery metaphors and you've learned the lifelong lesson to move and be adaptable and responsive, like liquid.


Liquids are connectors. Although we often consider our body to be dense and solid, fluids make up between 70 and 80% of our tissue. Fluids are also the transport system of the body, moving things like hormones, neuropeptides and antibodies for communication, defence or repair. In this way fluids integrate the various body systems into an interconnected whole.

This month you've also learned how liquids respond to the energy around them; frozen water crystals form random and chaotic patterns when mean words are directed to a glass of water (yes... really) and by contrast the glasses that receive kind words, form beautiful crystal patterns.

This month has been a watershed because you've felt your body systems integrate and flow. You've learned that lymph is the fluid that bathes every cell and gives your body its innate ability to heal itself. And the company you keep, the practises you engage with, have a profound effect on your fluid body.

We practise as a community every Wednesday evening 7.30-8.45pm. Click here for details.


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