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Why is it so difficult to feel supported?

This month we're practising with support and surrender. So midway through April it seems like a good to just check in and ask; why is it so difficult to feel supported?


In brief, because there are so many examples where we’re let down, disappointed and unsupported. Consider (very briefly) the actions of Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak; at a time when we might have been experiencing new depths of suffering and fear, they were found to be having gatherings. Don’t think about them for too long, because they’re certainly not thinking about you. What’s not important here is the politics, the individuals and the details, all of that is just noise and distracts you from what’s really going on.

What we want to focus on is how this is an example of being let down, injustice and feeling unsupported. I have countless examples from my life where this has happened, and I’m in good company because I know you have too. Being unsupported is a horrible feeling. Feelings are powerful and they’re motivating forces, they move us to do things. We’ll hop onto Twitter and write about how corrupt and awful people are, and we’ll be show more examples of that. Because your vibe attracts your tribe. The phrase my day went from bad to worse, is another example of this. Of course it did! Bad vibes.

Good vibes are absolutely not about turning away from the darkness, being ignorant to suffering (ours or other peoples). We’re meant to be attuned to those things, and, when we realise after a while this stuff feels too much to hold; we choose to feel something else.

The parties in No.10 are transformed into good vibes when we take them as a prompt for each of us to turn and look for all the people who support you, stick to their word and when they don’t they correct their course quickly and honestly. These people might be people in your life, as well as authors of books and blogs. We’re a sum of the people we spend the most amount of time with (real life or through reading/ social media).

The gift of disappointing situations is using them to focus on being your best supporter. See you in class tonight.


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