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A Love Affair

A little valentines themed post to talk about being in love and how you don’t have to be reminded to do the things you love. Not once have you finished your main meal in a restaurant and needed the waiter to remind you to order dessert. If you love dessert, of course you remember to choose something.


A loving experience is effortless and ecstatic. Loving is a mutual immersion into each other; you practice Yoga and meditation and immerse yourself in those teachings when you put them into daily like. As with Yoga and meditation the practice of loving requires commitment and patience. It’s easy to fall in love, staying in love can be more of a challenge though.

Sometimes you’ll finish a practice and feel amazing, other times… not so much. And in those moments, you have the potential for growth; were you really present, did you make an effort or were you going through the motions but your mind was elsewhere. How you are on the mat reflects how you are off the mat, which is why we practice being present, playful and compassionate in Yoga.


Yoga and meditation for me is like dessert; something that brings sweetness into your day, something you look forward to and really savour.

Tips for staying loved up:

  • Love yourself enough to bring a blanket, a knee cushion or eye pillow to class so you can be completely comfortable.

  • Invest time and attention to your practice the same way you’d invest in a partner or relative.

  • Share the love; practice with friends and family and offer testimonials to your favourite teachers.

  • Listen to this lovely track that talks about love.


Here's my weekly teaching schedule and my 2019 weekened retreat dates. Everything I teach is open level.

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Photo by Jonathan Jones.

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