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Community/ Kula

This month I’m talking about community. The Sanskrit word which relates to this is ‘kula’ which is a sense of inclusion and belonging that can be cultivated through people practicing Yoga and Meditation together.


My favourite classes (to teach or practice) are ones that feel inclusive; the teacher is presenting Yoga in a way that meets you where you’re at. It’s no easy task to inspire students to attend to themselves. It’s a group setting, but we’re not looking for group actions.

‘Attending to yourself’ might be resting while others are moving, standing near to a wall to support balance, it might also mean taking the chance to challenge yourself. Being part of a community is where you feel safe to try all or none of these things. And when I’m teaching, I’m there in a capacity to first create this sense of community and then be of service to it. It’s a very localised feeling.

I’m solely focused on those people in the room. It feels great for students and so good for me. It’s a counterbalance to the conscious or subconscious neuroses we feel about Out There, FOMO (fear of missing out) and all the stuff that’s happening online, the posts, articles, discount codes… I like a big community, but my favourite is the local that’s right in front of me.


That’s why I’m going to recommend a few local businesses because they’re doing great work in the community;

Harriet’s of Hove Harriet’s created the first plastic free shopping experience in Hove. Bring your own containers to fill up with wonderful and ethical products.

Hannah Rose Tristram Whether it’s getting singing or simply finding your voice Hannah Rose will support your goal. She also runs GLOW a beautiful community choir for LGBTQ+ and friends.

H Pinkness Pam is a wonderful and creative photographer, her best work is weddings, festivals and putting me at ease in a photo shoot. She took the photo in this post.

Social Brighton Kerry and her team host great training courses and workshops for businesses (and self employed Yoga teachers) utilise the wonderful resource that is social media.


….When I teach Yoga, I suggest we conclude our practice by taking a breath together, to create a sense of community… What’s interesting to note is that people are often breathing in sync with each other by the end of the class, we had already formed a community.


Thank you for being part of my online community by reading and sharing this blog.

I also have a free Yoga Pose Podcast, where you can receive guided meditations.

You can connect with me in person and practice inclusive Yoga; weekly classes in Hove, special workshops or wonderful weekend retreats.

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