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Be taught...

Your body can teach something your mind resists.


I can tell you a sequence is a heart opener, that you’ll feel lighter and happier after. But your mind, a little caught up in its own stories (heart opener?! Oh cringe!), might resist.

So instead of telling... we go for feeling.

There's no class tonight, so as you practice on your OM;

Feel how strong you are in a plank. Feel yourself get stronger as you stay there, far from depleting you, you harness more power from the posture.

Feel your ability to centre yourself in a standing balance. You lose it for a moment, but can catch, bring back or style it out

Feel how soft, open, unguarded your body can be when you lay on the earth.

Have a lovely self practice (your mind will say no, but your body would like to share some teachings with you tonight, so... be taught!) and I'll see you when class returns next week.

Your body is a powerful teacher of something your mind wants to resist.


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