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Feeling Fragmented

Our vision of our bodies is usually very fragmented. Students chat before a class, might be volunteer information about injuries and I’ll give some ideas about how to adapt postures. Which is all good stuff. It’s important to be aware of how the body feels, respect aches and pains and take into account a dodgy knee or privilege a good shoulder. It’s also nice to compare and contrast those aches after the class.


This year we’ve taken a journey around the body; understanding the anatomy, function and (if you were game) the subtle energy of the lungs, heart, thyroid and stomach in particular. It’s lovely to have a focus that can’t be seen, as we really have to go in. When we’re less fixated on the physical, we might wake up other thoughts and feelings about the body; like how soothing it is to lie on the earth or I never realised I could make my breath move around in a ribbon shape. Feelings that almost no injury or illness can take away from you.

Thinking about individual parts, can however, fuel fragmented feelings about the body. Don’t worry though, it’s all been part of the master plan. This whole practice of yoga and meditation is about reassembling the scattered pieces into one, wholesome unity. That’s what we’re doing in class from here on out. I’ll still offer you a theme for the month, which you can take into your whole body, you’re going to love it!

Class is every Wednesday 7.30-8.45pm either in Hove, or from your place via zoOM.

Or you can practice in your OM time, and purchase the heart, lungs and stomach course here.


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