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Mood enhancing

When we feel low in mood, there can be a lack of physical and emotional grounding, exhibited by shallow breathing, physical tension in the abdomen and diaphragm, shoulders and throat. You could literally have a breathing pattern that's making you feel sad.


When we’ve been down more than we’re up, we actually inhabit a posture of sadness. The slump in the shoulders (potentially achieved through touching technology and curling in around it) makes a lasting impact as breath gets shorter, quicker, less fulfilling. What might have started off as your day job sitting and using a computer could have turned into a lot of unpaid hours feeling lower than you need to.

If we accept this as truth (it sounded really convincing to me); we must also accept that a lifted chest whilst sitting... Or standing as if you have a crown on your head, will elevate your mood. Even when you initially do it as if to prove a point to me that it doesn't work... It does... and and just did! Your posture, your poise has a huge impact on how you feel and how you breathe.

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