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Moving in Spirals

Allowing the body to move in spirals brings new vitality to the spine, opening and releasing stiff joints and ligaments.

There are no straight lines in the body and nourishing, sustainable movement is circular. Students practicing with me this year have felt the benefits of unraveling tension patterns and setting themselves up for a lifetime of easeful movement.

When we move in spirals;

Inner spaces will be encouraged to widen and organs will soften.

The breath, moving in spirals according to its own nature, will help the whole being towards quietness and receptivity.

A softer and longer breath cycle will follow.

By connecting over and over again to the birth of each movement to the spine, there will be less effort and therefore less fatigue. The body's constant wish for suppleness will be granted and integrity will be restored.

Students who attended my 10 week yoga and meditation course in autumn got to experience this first hand, and had a lot of fun re learning how to move in spirals.

If you didn't join us, but would like to buy the replays (and lifetime access to my library of videos) email me. Or click here for information on my Jan 2021 course.


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