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Spending or investing?

We all desire attention, (to varying degrees) and your attention is a valuable resource. So, are you spending time, or investing?


If you habitually direct your attention towards things that upset you, like alarmist headlines, you’ll experience the world as alarming, upsetting and in shadow. If you choose to pay attention to things that uplift you, or opportunities of playfulness, you’ll experience the world in the light.

Do you complain because the rose bush has thorns, or rejoice because the thorn bush has roses?

Think of the way we describe time; we pay attention, we spend time… the same verbs we use to describe money. Your attention has real value. We might be thinking (or worrying) about finances right now, cutting back and trying to avoid waste. And as we do a life audit, why not draw some parallels to your attention? Where and with whom do you spend your time?

Attention is the highest form of prayer and devotion. Each time we practice yoga, we make an investment in each other. I transfer my wealth of knowledge to you, and that pays dividends. Over time we feel powerful enough to withdraw ourselves from a culture that tries to pull us into the chaos, the crises, the panic and scarcity. Rather that considering the cost of your yoga practice, can you reflect on and acknowledge the value?

I fully appreciate things are getting expensive, so I have an offer for the final 11 classes of the year; They're £90 when you pay before 31st August (thereafter £100), or £75 per person when you and a friend purchase the 11 classes and both pay before 31st August (thereafter £85).

The dates are:

7th, 14th, 28th Sept 5th, 12th, 19th Oct 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th Nov

You can attend in person @ Hove Methodist Church, from anywhere you like via zoom, or via the replay. Class is 7.30-8.45pm. Click here for more details.


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