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Sweet Dreams?

How well do you sleep? If the answer is not great well you're in good company. The stats I have are 10-20% of general population experience insomnia. But that was recorded in 2013, and I suspect there’s a large amount of under reporting. I also think the 2013 general population had no idea what would hit them, seven years down the line. Who knows what the number actually is now!?

What we do know is difficulty sleeping is common, and I’m here to assist.


What started it?

Life circumstances can create the initial cause of sleeplessness. We call that acute insomnia. Remember when you had an exam? Maybe there was a period of time when you couldn't sleep properly, until it was all over.

It’s important to acknowledge there are a myriad of reasons why each of us, at some point experience disturbed sleep. It’s not a failing on your part. Ability to sleep is wrapped up with the real human experience; emotions, physical tension, illness, injustices, the list goes on...

Chronic insomnia occurs when that precipitating factor has passed. The person stressed about the exam and experiencing sleep issues may have engaged in behaviours to manage that. Like substances to aid sleep. Which, whilst initially effective, reduce over time, and the sleeplessness is likely to return. This is where insomnia turns chronic, especially when it's accompanied by psychological factors like beliefs, that contribute to a cycle of continued sleep disturbance.

What resolves it?

You! You can resolve this. No single posture, breath practice, bath bomb or spray will 'cure' insomnia. But some patient and kind work on yourself will lead to lasting change. This is your wake up call to fully understand your energy cycles, how they naturally ebb and flow during the day. You'll feel how some techniques relax you, and when you do, you'll feel empowered to practice those things in your OM time, when you need them most. And the best bit is, because you believe what you're doing works, you're going to find they're even more effective. You're going to wire your brain for success.

A regular yoga and meditation practice can provide a container for this voyage of self discovery. -It can also be a nice stretchy relaxing thing to do on a Wednesday night, that's fine too.

My Wednesday evening class is designed with sweet dreams in mind; we practice 7.30-8.45pm and drop into bed soon after!


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