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Running Feels Easier

Body awareness

Generally my neck is the same but I think that's because my muscle problems are so deep routed there, that it will take considerable time to 'fix'. I do find that my neck isn't as tense in yoga practice as it was the first week and it's easier to do certain postures.

Levels of stress

I enjoy the focus that yoga brings and it's nice being able to fully concentrate on how I'm feeling and how my body's reacting in each posture. It's quite de-stressing, and helps me unwind; I feel at ease afterwards even if I haven't had a particularly stressful day.


One thing that doesn't change is that I always fall asleep easily on the days I practice yoga!

Postures I find challenging

Shoulder stand. I don't have them in my practice right now because of the tension I hold around my neck and shoulders. So I do legs up the wall pose instead, very relaxing! And a great posture for rejuvenating tired legs, perfect for us runners!

Postures I notice developing

Downward Dog and lizard lunge. So this is quite a big development! Only a few weeks ago Down Dog was far more challenging. This is a sign that I'm developing the flexibility in my hips and hamstrings. All of the lunges and step throughs we do in Vinyasas are paying off! Really happy with my progress.

Yoga and Running

I notice that when I do yoga, the couple of days afterwards my muscles are still quite limbered up which makes it quicker to recover when I go for runs. My training for the Brighton Half Marathon is going well, I notice I can keep my shoulders relaxed more when I run, which is making everything a lot more comfortable

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