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Forming Healthy Habits

I was looking forward to my second class and can see the benefits of creating a routine, I know I practice yoga Monday nights and it feels good to have that time for myself each week.


Body awareness

Like usual, my neck was quite tense in the class and that evening. However I was more aware of trying to take pressure off of it during the class and Rosie showed me some variations of positions to ease the stress on it.

Levels of stress/mood

Work had been busy and though I didn't feel stressed as such, I definitely had work on my mind. The vinyasa yoga session helped me relax and let it go; I really like the way yoga includes the mind too!

Postures I find challenging

Downward dog is still a challenge for my neck. Also camel pose as it was a struggle to lean back due to lower back pain. Oh and a tricky arm balance called Firefly; where you put your hands behind feet and lift your feet off so you're sitting elevated into the air and just balancing on your hands! Feels good to play around and sometimes roll out of the posture, yoga isn't meant to be serious!

Postures I notice developing

I did actually find downward dog a little easier this week. I think it was a combination on focusing on our core during the class and us doing less of them, and me trying to loosen my neck and shoulder muscles as I was doing it. I can feel my hamstrings are less tight than they used to be and I know this is helping my running and recovery between runs.

Yoga and running

I decided to run home after yoga and found running was a lot easier seeing as I had completely warmed up my muscles beforehand. The focus of the session this week was the core, and using it to power our movements. I'm going to try to keep my core active on my runs this week!

Keep following these posts to see how I get on!

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