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Feeling Stronger Each Week

Body awareness

I am finding that my neck is much more flexible when it comes to postures, yoga is really helping. I think it's because I'm relaxing into asanas and improving my posture in general. I know yoga is making a difference, as my neck stiffens up over the week, and then relaxes after a session!

Levels of stress

My sleep has been fairly disrupted this week and so I was generally feeling quite run down. I did feel that yoga helped relieve some of this tension and allowed me to empty my mind of some of the mental baggage I was carrying around.


Yoga always makes me feel more relaxed and usually I sleep really well the night after a class. My sleep was quite broken this evening but I think that was due other factors (it was a busy week and I was starting work at different times which broke my routine).

Postures I find challenging

I very carefully attempted shoulder stands his week! Listening to Rosie I made sure to keep the weight solely on my shoulders and arms and I paid attention to keep my head straight and aligned to protect my neck. I was also careful to focus on my breathing. I've never tried one before and it was so much fun! Lots of scope to develop this posture, engage my abs so I can hold my legs straight up to the ceiling.

I also found eagle arms a challenge. I have short limbs and I just cannot perform this posture with my arms. However Rosie showed me an alternative and I was still able to feel the benefits, the release in the rhomboids, a really important stretch to help alleviate neck and shoulder pain.

Postures I notice developing

Downward dog week on week! I'm also able to do more vinyasas beforehand without tiring so quickly. I really loved this week with the bird/flying theme and music to match, it created such an uplifting feeling.

I notice my strength increasing each week and love playing around in arm balances like crow pose!

Yoga and running

I generally feel more limbered up and it doesn't take me as long to recover after cardiovascular exercise. I think yoga is improving my oxygen flow/the way I use my lung capacity. I love lying down over a rolled up mat (pictured), it's really nice chest opener, so simple and it's this sort of posture that's making it easier to breathe while running.

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