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Progressing my Practice

Body awareness

Doing yoga is making me more mindful of how to try and manage my neck pain/stiffness. I try to keep my shoulders and neck relaxed while running and do some neck stretches outside of class too, which is helping.

Levels of stress

I had no particular stresses as such, just usual day-to-day life. I liked how the session was focused on exhaling, especially the move where we were lunging with our hands up high and then had to breathe out quickly making an 'ah' sound while bringing our hands down. Oh and I really enjoyed the cool down at the end of the session as it made me feel replenished and at ease.


I always sleep really well after yoga!

Postures I find challenging

Headstands! I wasn't sure if I'd be ready to practice them but we took them in stages, did some conditioning exercises so I felt confident to have a go and have fun with them. Also the side plank as it's hard to keep the bottom arm straight. I know I'm strong, I'm used to lifting heavy weights in the gym, but weight bearing is different, it's good, I'm training different muscles!

Postures I notice developing

I'm feeling more confident with foot positions and alignment, which is making things easier. Like Warrior, I'm now making sure my shoulders are down and I know what to look out for. Keeping this journal is helping me to see how much I'm learning!

Yoga and running

I had been for a run and a swim the two days leading up so my muscles were tired! I found the yoga challenging but it helped me stretch out and my muscles felt good afterwards. Rosie often mentions postures which are good for specific sports, so I know they are ones that will stretch out my hamstrings and hip flexors, which us runners need in particular.

Keep following these posts to see how I get on!

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